Prizes 2010 for Theme "Community"

The following awards for the First Annual Community Arts Challenge were presented at our Grand Opening event on January 28, 2011

Community Arts Challenge 2010 Awards and Recognition

Peoples' Choice Award

Homer Community Gardens - Homer Community Gardens 2010 Collage

Musical Composition

First Place: Barry Morris for Come on Home

Second Place: Paul Yaman for Up There

Third Place: John E. Lutz for Hickory Park

Original Writing

First Place: Nancy Rehkugler for Ode to Community

Second Place: Priscilla Breggren-Thomas for This is it

Third Place: Lynn Olcott for Night

Jane G. Richards for Ghost of a Chance

Honorable Mention: Kim Welch for Reunion Comes

Fine Arts and Crafts

First Place: Andrew SanJule for Volunteering

Cheri Sheridan for Four Generations

Second Place:Karlyn Fendya for Where We Live

Emily Gibbons for Street Dancing

Richard Mitchell for Main Street

Third Place: Katie Beale for Cortland Main St.

Homer Community Gardens for Homer Community Gardens 2010

Honorable Mention:

Carol Thiel for Green Ice

Christa M. Boice for Flying 101: Always Putting Down a Landing

Andrew SanJule for Main Street USA

David Beale for Off Season on the Boardwalk

Meg Richardson for The Basic Unit

Peter Jeffers for Noah’s Ark

Emily Gibbons for Jasmine’s Hat

John Lutz for Embracement

Kathy Williams for Block Island Lighthouse

Teri Fendya for Pieces of Me

Note: Honorable Mention indicates that a work received a top-three ranking from one of our judges.