Prizes 2011 for Theme "Friendship"

The following awards for the Second Annual Community Arts Challenge were presented at our Grand Opening event on January 27, 2012.

Community Arts Challenge 2011 Awards and Recognition


Jane O'Shea for It Takes a Village Green


First Place: Rona Knobel for Vivi, Bandit and High Ball on an Adventure in the Big Horn Mountains. 

Second Place: Jae Harris for Three Amigos 

Third Place: Emily Gibbons for At the Fountain 

Honorable Mention: Michael Sheppard for Color and Look of Jealousy 

Honorable Mention: David Beale for Homestead 


First Place: Kathy Williams for Kinship 

Second Place: Sherry Dans for Comfort Zone 

Third Place: Torrie Tiffany for Our Sons 

Honorable Mention: Kathie Beale for A Pig is a Pig by Kathie Beale 

Honorable Mention: Christa M. Boice for Friday Afternoon Friends 

Honorable Mention: John E. Lutz for Fishing: Evolving Friendship Between a Father and a Son 


First Place Tie: Terry Fendya for Stand By Me 

                         Cheri Sheridan for Friends 


First Place: Greg McQuade for Meet Me at Rainbow Bridge

Second Place: Barry Morris for Time With You

Third Place: John Lutz for Sunrise

Third Place: Lewis Rosengarten for In Night

Honorable Mention: Joe Heider for Sway


First Place: Meghan Aagaard for Character Study 

Second Place: Lynn Olcott for Friendship 

Third Place Tie: Nancy Dafoe for Communing With Juno

Priscilla Breggren-Thomas for Friends Come on Two and Four Legs #

Honorable Mention: Nancy Dafoe for On Friendship


First Place: Nancy Dafoe for Piano Heads 

Second Place: Barry Morris for Chet of the Aphorismus

Third Place: Martin Sweeney for The Sergeant’s Story


First Place Tie: Rachel McNeil and Tamsin Smith for Not Too Late

           Cassidy Halpin, Bailey Kote, McKenzie Morey, and Amanda Reyngoudt for Angel

Honorable mention is given to a work that received a top-three ranking from one of our jurors but did not go on to win a first, second, or third-place award in its category.