Prizes 2012 for Theme "Roots"

The following awards for the Third Annual Community Arts Challenge were presented at our Grand Opening event on January 25, 2103

Community Arts Challenge 2012 Awards and Recognition


Jane O'Shea - The Circus House, Homer, NY


FIRST: Emily Gibbons - Road to Dingle

SECOND: David Beale - Wickwire Crew

THIRD: Aye Ei Soe San - Once Upon a Time in My Life

Honorable Mention  - Fine Arts

Jae Harris - Cortland’s Economic Roots

Jane O’Shea - The Circus House, Homer NY

Marilyn Palmer - Great Grandmother Melville

Eileen Schlag -One Small Hand

Eileen Schlag - Dancing Evening Maple Leaves 

Eileen Schlag - The Emptiness Within

Aye Ei Soe San - Golden Land Myanmar - 2


FIRST: Kathie Beale – Intertwined

SECOND: Kathleen V. McGinn – Aftermath

THIRD: Carrie Contento – Metamorphosis

Honorable Mention – Artisan Crafts

Matthew Fendya - Macro Scope

Terri Fendya -  12.25.62

Kathleen V. McGinn – Crossing

Cheri Sheridan – Roots


FIRST: Emily Gibbons - Derby in Mt. Hope

SECOND: John E. Lutz - Root Photo Collage

THIRD: Sherry Dans - The Roots of Valor

THIRD: Torie Tiffany – Roots

Honorable Mention - Photography

Sara Dougherty - We All Come from Somewhere

Rachel Vigue Hyde - Roots Exposed

Ruth O’Lill - Resolute Roots

Jim Weiss - Getting a Grip

David Yaman - Easter on the Green


FIRST: Greg McQuade - Take Me Home

SECOND: John E. Lutz – Scampering in the Forest

SECOND: Barry Morris - Papers


FIRST: Martin Sweeney - Martha Gertrude’s Tree

SECOND: Deonie Finkbeiner – Roots

THIRD: Lynn Olcott – Mitochondrial DNA

THIRD: Linda Schmidt - Albero Bello

THIRD: Diane L. Watson - Root


FIRST: Barry Morris – Roots

SECOND: Meghan Aagaard - Baking Day

THIRD: Alice Jenkins – Voices of Our Nation

Honorable Mention  - Prose

Meghan Aagaard – Henry’s Dream

Honorable mention is given to a work that received a top-three ranking from one of our jurors but did not go on to win a first, second, or third-place award in its category.