Prizes 2013 for Theme "Reflections"

Community Arts Challenge - Prize Winners of 2013 Competition

Prizes awarded on January 24, 2014


First: Rachel McNeill and Tamsin Smith – Bottom of the River



First (Original Song): Greg McQuade – What’s Real

First (Original Instrumental): John Lutz – Reflections


Original Writing, Prose:

First: Helen Leet  – Echoes from the Abyss

Second: Dale Harris – The Angle of Incidence

Third: Meghan Aagaard – The Buffalo Stop

Honorable Mention: Alice Jenkins – Music Flows in Me

  Carl Moses – Uncle Robert’s Gift

Original Writing, Poetry:

First: Martin Sweeney – A Collector’s Find

Second: Nancy Dickerson – Teacup Trilogy

Third: Karen Sager – Reflections

Honorable Mention: Deonie Finkbeiner – Reflections

Lynn Olcott – Dragons in the Mirror


Artisan Crafts

First Place: Cheri Sheridan – Aurora Borealis Reflection

Second: Nancy Ostman – Life’s Illusions

Third: Sandra Yahner – Understood Backwards

Honorable Mention:      Terri Fendya – Again…

                                                Nancy Ostman – Biloxi Blues



First: Deborah Putman – Adirondack Reflections

First: Kathy Williams – Reflections of Autumn

Second: Emily Gibbons – Guinness is Good for You

Third: Christa Boice – Reflections on the Good Ole Days

Third: Walt Mather – Yellow Roses

Honorable Mention:      Don Barber – Sultry Summer Sunset

Laurel Butkins – Reflections on Summers Past

                                                Sherry Dans – On the Hunt

Dale Harris – The Sky Within

Cheri Sheridan – Reflection of Monet’s Garden

                                                Torie Tiffany – Reflecting

Walt Mather – Golden Hour – Early Shower

Fine Arts:

First: David Beale – Tioughnioga Reflections

Second: Eileen Schlag – Lost in Reflection

Third: Jane O’Shea – The Fireworks at Little York

Honorable Mention:      David Beale – Inch Strand

Emily Gibbons – Noah on Whtieface

Jae Harris – The Soft Underbelly

John Lutz – Sunrise on Pasquontank Bay

Rachel McNeil – Christmas Globes