Prizes 2015 for Theme "Green"

Community Arts Challenge Prize Winners 2015


First Place:               David Beale –The Seed Tree

Second Place Tie:    David Beale – Dreams of Dingle: Fifty Shades of Green

                                    Sandra Cowan – Old Village Green

Third Place Tie:       Emily Gibbons  – North of Moher

                                    Marilyn Palmer – Think Green - Save the Planet

                                    Laura Seib – Koi Pond #3

Honorable Mention: (top 5 pick of a juror)

                                    Pasquale Ciambriello – Looking Out the Green Room

Emily Gibbons – Caislean an Rois

                                    Jae Harris – The Grumpy Gardener

Lorraine Karpowich – Green Pastures

John E. Lutz  - Let There Be Green

Lorraine Karpowich – Green Pastures

Jane O’Shea – Originally Green

Melissa Smith – Always

Marian Strang – Emerald Patchwork

Martha Phillips – St. Patrick



First Place:               Nancy Snedeker – Chlorophyll Soup

Second Place:           Jim Weiss – Prism of Green

Third Place Tie:       Walt Mather – Scottish Green

Victor Siegle – Giverny Green

Honorable Mention:  (top 4 pick of a juror)

Christa M. Boice – Fern Gully

Sherry Dans – Black Power

Christine Steger – Bird in Paradise

Dorothy Troike – Shades of Green

Sharyn Madison – Green Bee

Walt Mather – From Black to Green

Jim Weiss – Stone Stopped Rolling



First Place:   Terry Fendya  - River

Second Place: Nancy Ostman – Evergreen

Third Place Tie:  Kathie Beale – Reflections in Green

                             Cheri Sheridan – Green (needs red)

Honorable Mention: (top 3 pick of a juror)

 Linda VanWagenen – Cocoon

                                    Sandra Yahner – Seneca Lake Jewels



First Place: Emmanuel Sikora – Green Fields

Second Place: David Beale – Greensleeves – Variation on a Modal Melody

Third Place: John Lutz  – Sounds Green to Me



First Place:   Paulette Fry and Nancy Rehkugler – Beautiful Home



First Place:   Nancy Dickerson – Hold On To Your Green

Second Place: Tom Steger – My Dad’s Green Thumb

Third Place Tie:       Nancy Rehkugler – Green Is

                                    Martin Sweeney – An Aversion to All Things Green

Honorable Mention:  (top 3 pick of a juror)

Whitney Hargett – Green Is…

                                    Martin Sweeney – The Greenhouse



First Place Tie: Dale Harris – Stupid Green

                   Helen Leet – Escape to the Green Refuge


Honorable mention is given to a work that received a top-three, four, or five ranking (see criteria for different categories) from one of our jurors but did not go on to win a first, second, or third-place award in its category.

The writing entries and the music entries can be accessed on our website at

The public still has a chance to vote for the “People’s Choice” Visual Art award that will be presented at the close of the exhibit.

The exhibit will be open until February 19 on weekdays from 10 AM to 5 PM. Please call 749-4900 to arrange a visit. The exhibit will also be open during concerts at the Center for the Arts.