Prizes 2016 for Theme "Circle"

Community Arts Challenge Prize Winners 2016


Irvan Beale Memorial Award: Dyan Haser- Lombard – Harvest Moon Over Groton

Harry N. Davis Memorial Award: Martha Phillips – Infinity

Jane Zogg Memorial Award: Marian Davie – Cool Circles

First Place:               Terry Perkins – Circle(s)

Second Place:             David Beale – Seven Persons

Third Place Tie:       Sandy Cowan – Circles Within Circles

Honorable Mention: (top 7 pick of a juror)

                                    Wemdy Bandurski-Miller – Darlyininy- Life Goes On

                                    Barbara Burleigh – Circle of Seasons

                                    Emily Gibbons – Flor de Barcelona

                                    Lorraine Karpowich – Scorched Earth

                                    Jane O’Shea – Circles of ice

                                    Marilyn Palmer – Circle of Life

                                    Terry Perkins – Miles

                                    Linda Ruthig – Heirloom Tomatoes

                                    Tom Steger –  Bubblicious

                                    Tom Steger – Stone Circle Friends

                                    Marian Strang – Circumlunar

                                    Cindy Troy – Fetch

                                    Anne Withers – Luna Dreaming Turtle Dreams


First Place:              Walt Mather – Circles of Sound

Second Place:         Dennis Howe – Full Lunar Eclipse Over the Center for the Arts

Third Place Tie      Randy Ross  – Circles of Life

                                    Victor Siegle – Chihuly Niijima Floats

Honorable Mention: (top 5 pick of a juror)

                        Donna Atwood – Circle Play in the Target Parking Lot

                        Kathie Beale – Sabine

                        Sherry Dans – Twirling Dancer

                        Vicky Delaney – Digital Collage 1

                        Sharyn Madison - Bubblelicious

                        Sharyn Madison – Drops on Lady Dot at Sea

                        Ruth O’Lill – Living Labyrinth

                        Deborah Putman – Shady Circles

                        Linda Contento Schmidt – Circle of Life

                        Dorothy Troike – Roof of the Ages

                        Jim Weiss – Toad’s Eye View

ARTISAN CRAFTS                                                                                                     

First Place:   Kathleen A. Hall – Sacred Birth: Double Walled Vessel

Second Place: Kathie Beale – Full Moon

Third Place Tie:  Terri Fendya – Circles Implied

                             Cheri Sheridan – Theorem on a Circle

Honorable Mention: (top 3 pick of a juror)

                                    Nancy Ostman – Harvest Moon

                                    Jim Weiss – Mandala in Blue and Green



First Place: Lynn Arthur Koch – Prelude on “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross”

Second Place: John Lutz – Circle of Fifths for Brass Choir, Flutes, and Percussion

Third Place: David Beale – Circling

Honorable Mention: (top 3 pick of a juror)

                        Lynn Arthur Koch – Mediation on “Amazing Grace”



First Place Tie:   Donna Atwood – Circle Your Arms Around Me

                                Paulette Fry and Nancy Rehkugler – Circles and Rounds


First Place Tie: Donna Atwood: Nutcracracker – Not So Sweet

                              Teasa Luke: Full Circle



First Place:   Gary Weatherby – Roundabout

Second Place: Nancy Dickerson – Train Cars and Tumbleweeds

Third Place Tie:  Martin Sweeney – Stonehenge

Honorable Mention: (top 3 pick of a juror)

                        Donna Atwood – They’re Everywhere

                        Douglas Hatch – A Focus on Locus

                        Doris W. Still – Circle of Life

                        Martin Sweeney – Pondering the Use, Misuse, and Abuse of Circle



First Place:  Jim Weiss – Contemplating Infinity

Second Place: Helen Leet – The Circle is Broken

Third Place: Meghan Aagard – In a New Soil 

Honorable Mention: (top 3 pick of a juror)

                        Meghan Aagaard – The Telephone Closet


The art, writing, and music entries can be accessed on the Arts Challenge website at

The public still has a chance to vote for the “People’s Choice” Visual Art award that will be presented at the close of the exhibit.

The exhibit will be open until February 19 on weekdays from 11 AM to 5 PM. Please call 749-4900 to arrange a visit. The exhibit will also be open during concerts at the Center for the Arts.

The theme for the 2017 competition will be announced in May.