Prizes 2017 for Theme Faces"

Community Arts Challenge - Prize Winners of FACES Competition

Prizes awarded on January 26, 2018


First: Teasa Luke – Grateful          

First: Donna Atwood – Interjections


Music: Original Song                                                                                   

First: Lynn Arthur Koch – Peace Be with You                                          

Second: Patty Francis – Face to Face                                   

Third: Donna Atwood – Can You Face It?

Music: Composition             

First: Paulette Fry – FACEing the Music (My Kingdom for a G) 

Second: John E. Lutz – FACEs for Woodwind Choir     

Second: Emmanuel J. Sikora – For Kosaki


Original Writing: Prose                                                                                    

First: Lynn Olcott  – The Face Painter           

Second:  Gerald E. Rehkugler – A Reflection: I Know Your Face 

Third: Frank Kelly – Unmasked: Reflections in a Mind’s Mirror 

Third: Jackie Yaman – Faces and Crayons

Honorable Mention: 

     Helen L. Leet – Her Other Face        

     Martin A. Sweeney – Portraits of Power


Original Writing: Poetry                                                                                

First: Beth MacRae – Face to Face with a Young BMS                           

Second Gary Weatherby – Face to Face   

Third: Nancy Dickerson – Unexpected Faces       

Third: Martin A. Sweeney – Not Happy with Your Faces, Men?

Honorable Mention: 

     Tom Corey  – Anatta 

     Frank Kelly – Shades from Seasons Past   

     Michael Lipton ­– Visage One and Six  

     Tom Steger – Face Time 


Original Writing: Drama                                                               

First: James Pfrehm – YES or NO? The Faces of Love                           

First:  Michael Lipton – Maestro di Faccia                                                          


Artisan Crafts                                                                                                     

First: Kathleen Beale – I Need Shearing!      

First: Ilene Puente – Illusion of a Face         

Second: Cheri Sheridan – Faces of My DNA  

Third: Terri Fendya – What You See…

Honorable Mention: 

     Kathleen Beale – Curious Chicks    

     Kathleen Hall – Perpetual Father’s Strength        

     Brynn Hyde – Fragile                            

     Martha Phillips – Self Portrait From the Inside Out                

     Jim Weiss – Family Circles



First: Randy Ross – Contemplative Amphibians 

First: Tom Williams – The Face of Rock and Roll  

Second: Joan Niswender – Winter Spirit Faces  

Second: Deborah Goemans – Dignity 

Third: Tina Brandel – Lucia = Mrs. Santa Paws                          

Third: Terri Gardner Fendya – Face Multiplied 

Third: Helen Leet – Face of Liberty

Third: Dorothy Troike –  Indifferent Faces   

Honorable Mention: 

     Dennis A. Howe – Barred Owl and July Moon 

     Helen Leet – Mr. Shellface                                                                            

     Sharyn Madison – Faces a Mother Could Love

     Deborah Putman – Rock Faces                                                          

     Christine Steger – G.G.                                                                           

     Dorothy Troike – Face-to-Face in Tanzania


Fine Arts:  

First: Donna Atwood – Is It Time for Dinner?

First: Kathleen Hall – Ellen

Second: David Beale – Post Apocalypse 

Second: Emily Gibbons – Make a Face! 

Third: Rodger Beck – A Man and His Dog 

Third: Mariko Evans: Sisters

Third: Laura Seib – Faces in the Flotsam

Third: Tom Steger – Faces of War          

Honorable Mention: 

     David Beale – The Philosopher  

     Ashley Bobbett-X – X Family Still Life

     Ron Boehner – Summer Self Portrait                                                 

     Marian Davie – Boy in a Pub                                                                  

     Darcie Duranceau – Life is In the Details 

     Chris Gratz – The Painted Face

     Lorraine Karpowich – The Genius                                                                   

     Booth Perkins – The Dreamer 

     Terry Perkins – Nature’s Faces

     Martha Phillips – Night Visitors                                                                      

     Deidre Plumley – Greedy Vulture                                                                      

     Lisa Schaaf – Chico in January

     Laura Seib – Girl with Peaches

     Jean Williams  – Smiling Faces                                                             

     Anne Withers – Self Portrait in Three Seasons


Memorial Awards

Irvan Beale Memorial Award: Booth Perkins – Ominous Shadows

Harry N. Davis Memorial Award: Doris W. Still – Faces of Montserrat Spain

Jane Zogg Memorial Award: John E. Lutz – Saw-whet Owl in Winter

David B. Blatchley Memorial Award: Bill Lee – Friendly, Familiar Faces