Prizes 2018 for Theme “FLIGHT"

 Community Arts Challenge - 

Prize Winners of FLIGHT Competition

Prizes awarded on January 25, 2019


First: Teasa Luke  –  Armor of Feathers

Second: Donna Atwood – First Flight

Second: Beth and Sophie MacRae – Taking Two: Movement Towards Flight

Music: Original Song

First: Donna Atwood – Flight 896

First: Patty Francis – One-Way Ticket

Music: Composition

First: Lynn Koch – The Goldfinch Fugue

Second: John E. Lutz  – Flight of the Sopwith Camel

Second: Scott Turner – Foogy: Avia Africana


Original Writing: Prose

First: Laurie T. Seamans –  Take Fligh

Second:  Helen Leet – Flight to Freedom

Third:  Priscilla Berggren Thomas – She Flew High

Third: Jim Weiss – The Flight

Honorable Mention: 

 Deborah Goemans – Call Me Baba Yaga

Cecile Swift Lippitt – The ABC’s of Flight

Lynn Olcott – Flight

Gerald E. Rehkugler – Why I am an Infrequent Flyer

Original Writing: Poetry

First: Lynn Arthur Koch –  The Courtship

Second: Beth MacRae – Flight Planes with Anne Morrow Lindbergh 

Third: Nancy Dickerson – The Night Crows

Third: Martin A. Sweeney  – Transcendence

Honorable Mention: 

Donna & Mark Atwood  – Runaway

John E. Lutz – Flight of the Feathered Fliers

Nancy Rehkugler – Why They Flee

Tom Steger – Absence of Flight 

Original Writing: Drama

First: Gregg Moller –  It’s Only Gramma: How Time Flies


Artisan Crafts

First: Ruth O’Lill –  Pre-Flight

Second: Kathie Beale – Raven Murder

Third: George Seibel – Returning Home

Third: Jim Weiss – Flight of the Fanciest

Honorable Mention: 

Terri Gardner Fendya – One in Every Garage  

Nancy Ostman – No Borders

Sandra Yahner – Let Your Heart Soar 


First: Walt Mather – Fight or Flight

Second: Sherry Dans – Great Egret Getting Ready to Land

Third: Dennis A. Howe – Geese Landing on a Peaceful Lake

Third: Deborah Putman – NY State Fair Ride

Third: Randy Ross – Up and Away! Milkweed Birth Flight

Honorable Mention:   

Tina Brandel – Peaceful Flight

Sharyn Madison – Poised for Flight, Throttle Engaged

Ruth O’Lill – I’m free…ooops!

Nancy Snedeker – First Flight

Christine Steger – Flight School

Jim Weiss – Airborne


Fine Arts:

First: David Beale – Fly High Above Seven Valleys

Second: Emily Gibbons – Alock & Brown: A Bog Landing

Third: Donna Atwood –  Flight of Stairs for a Flock of Finches

Third: Pamela Jenkins –  When John’s Spirit Took Flight

Third: Nathan Loda – Mallard Flight                                

Honorable Mention: 

Ashley Bobbett-X – Wings as Fins

Mariko Evans – Beer Flight

Edward H. Finkbeiner – Flight

Lorraine Karpowich – The Flight of the City of Cortland 2018

Jane O’Shea – X Family Still Life

Booth Perkins – The Dove Who Dreamed of Becoming a Hawk

Martha Phillips – Fly Me to the Moon

Deidre Plumley – When Pigs Fly 

Laura Seib – Feathers and Bones 

Anne Withers – When We Had Wings


Memorial Awards

Irvan Beale Memorial Award: Jane Newman – Flight from Mankind

Harry N. Davis Memorial Award: Jane O’Shea – Flight to Freedom

Jane Zogg Memorial Award: Joan Niswender – Gabriel

David B. Blatchley Memorial Award: Frank Kelly – Mercy Flight

Ruth Jones Olcott Memorial Award: Sandra Yahner – Let Your Heart Soar 

Frank Kelly – Up Against the WALL