Prizes 2019 for Theme "Balance"

Community Arts Challenge - Prize Winners of BALANCE Competition

Prizes awarded on January 24, 2020

Choreography                                                                                                 First: Teasa Luke – Come Round Right                                                                                      


Music: Original Song                                                                                   First: Bobcat – Veggies and Beer                                                                                     First: Patty Francis – Here’s to What’s Left


Music: Composition                                                                                        First: Paulette Fry – balance                                                                Second: John E. Lutz – Finding Balance                                                                           Second: Scott Turner – A Passing Shower


Original Writing: Prose                                                                                    First: Alexandria Faulkenbury  – A Minor Imbalance                                                             Second: Meghan Aagaard – Maria’s Walk                                                Third: Lynn Olcott – The House Tree                                                       Third: Jim Weiss – Hanging in the Balance


Original Writing: Poetry                                                                                First: Frank Kelly – Risky Business                                                         Second Cecile Swift Lippitt – Balance                                                                                                       Second: Martin Sweeney – High Wire Walkers of 1904                         Third: Marian Strang – Balance                                                                                                                                                                        

Honorable Mention: Nancy Dickerson   Life in the Balance 


Original Writing: Drama                                                                 First: Greg Moller – Saber Dance                                                          


Artisan Crafts                                                                                                    

First: Sandra Holland – Off Her Rocker                                                     Second: Frank Kelly – Balancing Act                                                                       Second: Terri Gardner Fendya – Color In / Color Out                                                    Third: Theresa Pelton – Finding Balance                                                 Third: Laurie T. Seamans – Rock-a-Bye Rock                

Honorable Mention:                                                                                       Chris Gratz– Off Balance                                                                                 Kathleen Hall – Bird Goddess Vessel                                                         Nancy McLaughlin – Fall Medallion                                                                    Nancy Ostman – Reflected City                                                                       Cheri Sheridan – Out of Balance                                                                                                                              


Photography:                                                                                                   First: Randy Ross – Balance for Life                                                         Second: Sherry Dans – Canandaigua Boathouses                                                                                                                                 Second: Butterfly Bouquet – Carol Foster                                                                   Third: Little Blue Heron – Dennis A. Howe                                                                                                            Third: Wait, Simon Says What? – Ruth O’Lill                          

Honorable Mention:                                                                                              Tina Brandel – Bubble Balancing 101                                                          Sharyn Madison – Balance Like Jonathan                                           Theresa Pelton – Cold Feet                                                                             Deb Putman – Treeline                                                                                         Jim Weiss – Celestial Balance                                                                                               


Fine Arts:                                                                                                                                                      

First: Sandy Cowan – Hunky Dory                                                                                                                                         First: Nathan Loda – Artemis in Limbo                                                                                                             Second: Kathleen Hall – Heart Throb                                                      Second: Martha Phillips – A World Out of Balance                                                                             Third: Emily Gibbons – Instability in Pigment                                                                                                                        Third: Brookley Spanbauer – Connected, Aren’t We All?                                                             

Honorable Mention:

David Beale – Checks and Balances                                                                                     Ashley Bobbett-X –  The Eagle, Tree, Warrior, and Crane                       Harvey Cohen – La Balanza de Vida                                                              Katrina Martin – Poised on the Brink                                                                                Jane O’Shea – The Salt Marsh                                                                                   Donna Marsh – Balance in Life                                                                              Jane Newman – Balance of Sounds                                                                                Lisa Schaaf – Generation to Generation                                                                              Marian Strang – Balanced Rock                                                                      Tim Tryon – Sitting in Limbo                                                                           Anne Withers – Rising Tide


Memorial Awards

Irvan Beale Memorial Award:  Denise Knight – Simone: Head Over Heels

David B. Blatchley Memorial Award: Jean Weiss – Balance at Sunrise

Harry N. Davis Memorial Award: Martha Phillips – A World Out of Balance

Ruth Jones Olcott Memorial Award: Laurie T. Seamans – Rock-a-bye Rock

Jane Zogg Memorial Award: Karen Atkins – A Natural