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Cortland County Community Arts Challenge 2020

            (Please complete a separate entry form for each work you submit to the Arts Challenge.)

Please PRINT all information carefully!

Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Street Address: _______________________________________________________________________________

City: __________________________________ State:____________________________ Zip: ________________

Phone: (home):_______________________ (work):__________________________ (cell): __________________

Email: _______________________________________ Website Address:________________________________

Title of Submission: __________________________________________________________________________

Dimensions: (48” width limit)____________________  Medium: _______________ Date Created:___________

Weight of 3-D work_____________lbs.        Will you include a pedestal, if one is needed?______________________

Is your work for sale?  Check one:  yes  ____ no _____

If yes, list sale price (US$) __________________________ Insurance value: (US$)__________________

If you are submitting visual artwork, in which category would you like your artwork to be judged?                            Check one:    Fine Arts  ____    Artisan Crafts  ____     Photography ____

Check if it applies to you: I have entered an oil or acrylic painting, I am a senior (55-years or over), and I would like my work to be considered for the Harry N. Davis Memorial award. _____

This is the first time I am submitting an artwork to the Arts Challenge ____

General Guidelines For Submissions:  

Please refer to the prospectus at www.CortlandArtsChallenge.org for more detailed information.                                          

Competition entries should be submitted in the following manner:

All entries must be submitted in a digital format. Please refer to the Prospectus for instructions on what type of files will be accepted for each category. Please email digital files or links to YouTube videos to info@center4art.org with "ArtsChallenge - Window" as the subject heading.

Writing entries should be submitted as a printed copy with this entry form. Please also email a copy in Microsoft Word or Pages format to: info@center4art.org with “Arts Challenge - Window” as the subject heading. Please do not number the pages of your entry.

Please check all that apply:

I  grant permission for reproductions of this work to be used for: (please check all that apply).

____  Articles in local newspapers and brochures.

____   A Grand Opening night slide show.

____  If it is not possilbe to hold the Grand Opening in January, I give permission for my work to be part of an  online (virtual) gallery show.

Signature (required): 


ENTRY FEE PAYMENT: The entry fee is $15 per submitted work. Current members of either the Center for the Arts or the Cultural Council of Cortland County are entitled to a reduced fee of $10 per submission.                                For information about becoming a member of these organizations, please go to www.center4art.org or www.culturalcouncilofcortlandcounty.org

_______ Enclosed, please find a check for $15 ($10) or money order payable to the Center for the Arts 

Description tag: Using 50 words or less, please describe how the artwork represents the theme of “window.” 

Note: these words will be copied and displayed next to your artwork and will be made available to the judges in all entry categories. It is your opportunity to convey anything about your work’s relationship to the theme that may not be obvious from viewing, reading, or listening to your entry.

There is a strict 50-word limit. Any description over 50 words will be edited at the discretion of the Arts Challenge Committee.

Please also email the tag information below to www.info@center4art.org in order to assist us in creating the tags for the exhibit. Please put Window Tag as the subject heading.

Title of work: _________________________________________________________________________________

Medium: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Name of Artist: _______________________________________________________________________________








Sale Price or NFS _____________

Scoring Rubric:

(Out of a total of 100 points)   

Relevance to the theme: The theme of window is creatively developed and depicted:  50 points

Effectiveness / Overall impact: Evidence of thorough planning, preparation, and artistic skill:  25 points

Originality: Uniqueness in the way the theme is expressed and presented:   25 points

Please return completed form along with your Youtube video, digital file, JPEG or printed submission to:                                                     

Center for the Arts  

Attention: Arts Challenge - WINDOW

72 South Main Street    

Homer NY 13077    

For more information please call 749-4900 or email infoi@center4art.org or call 753-7786

or email culturalcouncil3@gmail.com